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Welcome to CoolSoft, here you'll find some of the utilities I wrote to help in my day-by-day programmer and network administrator job.

A new blog started here.

There are two main areas: .NET Framework and Linux; in each one you'll find some utilities and tools to solve your day-by-day tasks or add missing features to existing software.

Take a look at DeCodEx which covers a missing feature of VisualStudio 2005/2008; if you open an old VS2003 project, it will be converted to the new 2005/2008 format but Forms and UserControls source files won't be splitted in designer+user new style. Here is where DeCodEx jumps in, splitting your files in a really safe and easy way.

The last and most exciting entry is Drupal-SQLite, a patched and complete Drupal version using a lightweight SQLite flat-file database, without needing a MySQL server.

Even if my utilities are free software, any contribute is welcome :-)


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