VirtualMIDISynth 1.4.0 released (at last)

VirtualMIDISynth 1.4.0 was finally released today.
It's a long waited release, preceeded by a long list of betas.

The main new feature of 1.4.x branch is the addition of 64 bits MIDI clients support, such as new DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) like Cakewalk Sonar X1, MediaPlayer classic x64 and all .NET AnyCPU-compiled softwares (which are JIT compiled to x64 on x64 OS).

The configurator is also deeply changed: a new tabbed interface now has lot of new options like:

  • CPU requirements control
  • soundfont preloading
  • process priority control
  • audio output device selection
  • audio output buffer size

All of these new options gave the user a fine tuning over VirtualMIDISynth overall performances, even on low-power computers.

Finally version 1.4.0 includes a lot of fixes, improvements and code cleanup, making it (I hope) a great release.

PS: Thanks to all the users that helped me testing a long list of betas, providing feedback and help.

Enjoy VirtualMIDISynth!


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