Opening the Zopo ZP300+ to fix GPS issues

My brand new Zopo ZP300+ smartphone has really low GPS sensitivity. This makes satellites fix a really long task, even helping it with apps like FasterGPS.

Latest ROM (October 2012) improved it a little bit, but the issue seems to be hardware related.

While searching the web for a fix, I found a thread on a famous russian chinaphone forum, where user Ivan347 published a document with ZP300+ disassembling instructions and pictures (
The issue seems to exist only on some production batches, and related to a misplaced insulating sheet.

I translated that document to English and published it here: Download PDF document

!!! NOTE !!!: by opening your device you'll loose warranty.

PS: the link above is hosted on Please do not link it directly, if it will die I'll keep this blog post updated.



there is totally new topic and such a infromative post and get unknowing information about the zopo zp300 and gps issues.

Wow, this explains my GPS issues. I'll try your fix ASAP, thanks for translating !!!

Please let me know if it works ;)

I read the PDF and understand the problem, but not the solution. What is the solution? thanks!

Sadly the solution is to open the phone, remove or cut the extra insulating film, cleanup everything and reassemble the phone ;)


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