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Notification area icons


Thanks a lot for this fantastic program! I have only one complaint:

The way Virtualmidisynth behave as an application in regards to its own icon in the notification area is problematic. It creates a different icon for EACH applications that uses midi! For instance, I have many audio player (Foobar2000, XMplay, Winamp etc...), many emulators that uses midi and many demos also uses midi, especially the Windows 1KB demos ([0]=1k&platform[0]=Windows&page=1&...). If for example I run any 5 of those applications, I end up with 5 Virtualmidisynth icons in the notification area! It is as if Virtualmidisynth takes the name/identity of the applications that summoned it. So because every apps have a different name, multiple independent Virtualmidisynth icons are created with the name whatever-app-name/Virtualmidisynth

I would like Virtualmidisynth to be consistent and assume its own identity by creating 1 unique icon with the name Virtualmidisynt/Virtualmidisynth. It would have for other benefit the possibility to customize the icon behavior to "show icon and notification" so when I use midi, I can see the Virtualmidisynth icon in the task bar. Right now, this is impossible as every single app using midi have its independent Virtualmidisynth icon in the notification area.

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Re: Notification area icons

It is a much more complex situation than the one you pictured.

In fact VirtualMIDISynth is not an application but a DLL, so it's loaded (as a multimedia driver) by a "hosting" application like a MIDI player.
That's why we don't have a VirtualMIDISynth.exe executable, but VMS DLL is "hosted" by the MIDI client application, and each exe has its own instance of the DLL.
So yes, you have more than one systray icon, but each one belongs to a different MIDI client executable.

A locking mechanism could be implemented to avoid the driver being loaded more than once (and previous versions had it) but it was more a bad than a good thing, so it was removed.
This is an architectural limit that can't be overcome without a deep change.

This change is happening in version 2.x of VMS, that is actually in alpha stage.
Take a look here and, maybe, help debugging it...