Coolsoft and Everquest game

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Coolsoft and Everquest game

I am trying to improve the midi soundquality in Everquest game. I have copy of AWE32 sf and SF in the game directory. I am using Win8.1 x64. Everytime I load it I get error 1. I tried using Bassmidi and it worked however upon reboot the midi was totally screwed up.

Any ideas how I can this to work. I love the old midi sound from the game and now they sound muddled and crappy.


Win8.1x64 Intel 5860x 32gb Asus Essence stxII sound - Digital coax ran thru DAC & amp

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Re: Coolsoft and Everquest game

VirtualMIDISynth uninstall procedure will reset MIDI stack to the default state.
If you installed something else after it, well, I can't be sure it'll be resetted correctly.

Anyway, here you'll find a FAQ that explains how to manually remove VirtualMIDISynth (togeter with other MIDI devices) and reset MIDI configuration.

I suggest to: uninstall other virtual devices, uninstall VirtualMIDISynth, follow FAQ steps, reboot the reinstall VirtualMIDISynth and post a screenshot of the error you're getting.