It would be awesome with jriver media center / jukebox

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Anonymous user
It would be awesome with jriver media center / jukebox

Hi thx for this good configurator for the bass.dll.

I 'll love to use it with jriver media center (I use vanbasco) but jriver is better for my hundred of midi files :)

Please take a look at it!

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VirtualMIDISynth and JRiver media center

@kiwi: I tried both 16.0.181 and 17.0.59 (beta) versions of JRiver media center and I can't play MIDI files at all.
I mean I can't play them out of the box, regardless VirtualMDISynth.
It seems this software lost MIDI support after version 13 (

This is a workaround that worked for me:

  • Set VirtualMIDISynth as default MIDI device
  • Installed version 16.0.181 (trial)
  • Tools | Options | File types | MIDI Audio | Playback method: Quicktime engine
  • It asks you to download & install Quicktime runtime, I installed version
  • Configure Quicktime and set it to use General MIDI Device: Control panel | Quicktime | Audio | Default Synth: General MIDI

This way I can play MIDI files into JRiver using VirtualMIDISynth as syntesizer.

Please tell me if this workaround works for you.
If yes, and if you already have a JRiver forum account, please reply to the thread I linked above and link this message (use the permalink); it could help other JRiver users.

Anonymous user
Coolsynth with Jriver media center

Thx for the reply and sorry for the delay.

So i have maid what you suggest and it works :D

It's just anoying to install quicktime and to do a long chain but at least i can use fantastic tagging of MC and play my midi files with a soundfont ==>bye bye Van basko .

So i am very satisfied but some feature request :)

Solo button on the mixer 

Preset saving on the mixer

Better lisibility of the track name in the mixer

maybe a tempo change (i don't think it's possible it's more a player implementation like vanbasco but in case of :)

Also i have noticed volume meters in tracks don't move i have tried both hardware mixing check or unchecked.

Anyway good job to un4seen and to you have killed microsoft on this :)

Ps: I have answered in the JR forum :)


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Joined: March 25, 2012 - 01:19
About your feature requests
  • Solo button on the mixer
    Added to my todo list
  • Preset saving on the mixer
    Already on todo list, scheduled for one of the first 1.4.x series release
  • Better visibility of the track name in the mixer
    Hard work, because available space is not so much and I don't want to use a custom font that must be deployed and installed... what about a tooltip?
  • maybe a tempo change
    Can't be done, no way. At driver level I receive MIDI events as they're sent by the player, so there's no way to tell the player to play faster.
  • Also i have noticed volume meters in tracks don't move i have tried both hardware mixing check or unchecked.
    There's no VUMeters on tracks, only on the master track. This is a (understandable) limit of BASS library and will be a CPU hog.
    Tracks are identical so I know users think there could be a VUMeter there...
    If some GUI artist is listening I'm open to suggestions for a better looking mixer deck.

Thanks for your feedback.

Anonymous user
Nice for solo buttons and

Nice for solo buttons and presets it's the priority.

For the fonts tooltips it 'll be better but maybe u can simply another stock font?

Tempo change i understood :)

Volume meters , yes i have noticed after to have send my post that it's not level meter but maybe just a led 'll be possible for to know if a track receive data?

For gui i 'll be glad to try a version if u have the sdk for to do it am not a super gui designer but u can see some of my works here:

or here:

As u can see i am on the flat mood :p

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GUI design

You're better than me in GUI design!
There's no SKD for GUI, because it's not meant to be skinned. And also GUI rendering is really simple to be light and fast.

Version 1.4 will be open source; at that time I'll call you back and we could plan how to work together (if you'll have spare time).

Anonymous user
i 'll have :) so u have my

i 'll have :)

so u have my mail...