Can this work with MIDI sheetmusic?

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Can this work with MIDI sheetmusic?

I can't get this synth to work with a program called "MIDI sheetmusic"!

any ideas?

I just got a brand-spanking new computer, and this synth only works on it with Vanbasco!


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.NET software issue

MIDI sheetmusic is a .NET software compiled with AnyCPU platform target.
It means that on X64 OS it runs at 64bit, so it doesn't work with the current version of VirtualMIDISynth (a 64bit version is on its way...).

There's a lot of documentation on the NET on how to patch the EXE to make it run in X86 mode, and all of them require an utility called CorFlags.exe; the sad part is that this utility is only available within the Platform SDK (hundreds of MB for just a few KB tool...).

That's why I wrote RunAsX86, a really small wrapper to (try to) run a .NET AnyCPU application in X86 mode.

You can find it here. I tested it with MIDI sheetmusic and it worked!