MIDI channel interference with program changes

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Joined: June 16, 2017 - 19:04
MIDI channel interference with program changes


I'm using Reaper to play multiple MIDI tracks, each on a different MIDI channel, where each of them includes various program changes.

Even so all the (separated) tracks using different MIDI channels, when I start to play the tracks from the middle, tracks of a higher channel number cause tracks on a lower to change their program to the program of the higher ones.

This doesn't happen if I start to play the tracks from the beginning. If I put all tracks on Solo and toggle the errorneous track, it gets back to the original sound program as well. To send the tracks explicitely to MIDI channels makes everything worse! (I used "Send to original channels").

Why do I think it is a VST and not a Reaper problem? When I use another sound font/VST, this problem does not happen!

Is there anyone out who came across with this problem, maybe with another MIDI sequencer?



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Re: MIDI channel interference with program changes

I can suggest you to use MIDI-OX to debug what reaper is sending to MIDI out.
I know, it's not so easy to learn and start with (MIDI-OX is some kind of swiss-knife MIDI tool), but it should give you an idea of what king of MIDI messages are coming out in each situation: initializations, resets, program changes, ...