Good, but Mixer Master "max" volume too low...

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Anonymous user
Good, but Mixer Master "max" volume too low...

Hi dear Coolsoft! My best regards for your software, it's simple and functional. Just one reflection: Mixer Master "Max" Volume is too low!

I explain better: I use Karafun software to play midi files, but I have in my archive also many .cdg files (playing with Karafun too) and their master volume is much different (higher) than midis and the mixer volume is too low even if it's set to "max". So I have to adjust amplifier volume every time I'm going from a midi song to a mp3 song...

Do you think VirtualMidiSynth Mixer will be upgraded in the future?


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Give me some details

Hi Gianni, thanks for your feedback; you forgot to mention which OS you're using.

Anyway I tried to reproduce your issue on Win7-x64 with KarafunPlayer 1.20.82 unsuccessfully: MP3s and MIDIs sound at the same volume (at least for my hears ;)).
I'm using the FluidR3_GM soundfont, maybe it's louder than your.

Could you please confirm that KaraFun is not the culprit (i.e. playing a MIDI with VanBasco or WMP)?
I see that it uses the same Bass libraries of VirtualMIDISynth, maybe there's some incompatibility.