Poor playing quality on Intel Atom PC

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Anonymous user
Poor playing quality on Intel Atom PC


I am a Midi Sequencer/Keyboardist Live Musician

I've been looking for this kind of software as replacement for my yamaha S-YXG50...& you're really Heaven Sent.

but i have a big problem, i am using HP Mini 110 ,& Vanbasco as Midi File Player...when i installed this on my Desktop it just worked great, without any glitches at all...in other words very smooth!

but on my Laptop, it just keeps hanging, glitches everywhere...i followed ur advise on turning AV & any other background services but still no cure...is there any other solution for this? coz i really want to play Soundfont on live performances as its far more better than soft synth...

HP Mini 110
Intel Atom
CPU N280 @ 1.66GHz
1 GB Ram
Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3

I've been using SRS Audio Essential as well but i already uninstalled it so basically the only software i installed other than Coolsoft is Yamaha S-YXG50... i turned off Microsoft Security Essential, turned off Windows Firewall...set Processor Scheduling to Background Services. then Adjusted the Performance Options to BEST PERFORMANCE. i tried using smaller SF2 files like Chaos & ChoriumRevA but still i experienced glitching...what could be the problem with this? i really really like your software, i just hope i can get this to work smoothly on my Machine.
As a Musician i want to better off my Music and your Software is really the answer to it, if only i can get this to work.

please help me...Thanks!

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Thanks for your kind compliments ;)I think the culprit is the CPU Atom N280.

As you can see here, Atom processors are great and well known for their low power requirements (I also had an Atom netbook), but not for their performances:



That said, actually I'm adding an "advanced configuration" dialog to VirtuualMIDISynth to let users "degrade" sound quality (i.e. by limiting polyphony, removing effects, ...) and let them have a smooth play.


I just released another beta version (1.4.0-beta2) that (I hope...) fixes this issue on some machines.
If you still have problems, feel free to contact me through the Contact form, giving some more details about your configuration (see the Troubleshooting section).

Waiting for your feedback...

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Joined: March 25, 2012 - 01:19
New beta released

New version 1.4.0-beta3 released.
The most noticeable add is an "advanced" configuration which allows user to lower CPU requirements by disabling some features like effects, polyphony, ...

Please give me your feedback, guys!

Anonymous user
Hi Claudio...tested it..with

Hi Claudio...tested it..with all the settings disabled,,and the polyphony set to 64... sad to say, it still hangs a bit on my machine (Hp Mini 110 w/ intel atom 1.6ghz). if there's another beta,would love to try this again..i wont loose hope not until i can buy a faster machine. :) high regards on all your efforts. :)

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Joined: March 25, 2012 - 01:19
Sad to hear that... In fact,

Sad to hear that...
In fact, ATOM processors target are low-power devices, where performances are not the's first thought.

PS: you should put VirtualMIDISynth on an USB stick, together with your preferred SF2, and try them at the computer shop before buying your new computer... ;)