Under WindowsXPSP3 x32 Rus

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Under WindowsXPSP3 x32 Rus

Under WindowsXPSP3x32Rus starts with an error and without the toolbar! That is - does not work!

Runtime error:
Current property: SetupType
Property type: NSISDialogDesigner.NSIS.Controls.Dialog+#=qH5yal90zxGAQkFUcSN928A==
Value: 0
Error: System.ArgumentException
Message: The value '0' is not a valid value for the enum '#=qH5yal90zxGAQkFUcSN928A=='.
Stack trace:
at System.ComponentModel.EnumConverter.ConvertTo(ITypeDescriptorContext context, CultureInfo culture, Object value, Type destinationType)
at System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter.ConvertToString(Object value)
at #=qI88rVK0$H96VNqj1Jko8JSDdL8iXW9EsFkizbgVWrrRetlPWRzMbmCOg0Unx$_TZ.#=qVinz08cqGGy$SelvB4s2P1ghXJOSJQqc$UtFgzcuY24=(Object #=qE97g5i$ec$WnXH_4xFWydw==, #=qChgpVa7tGy98JYdC36hAkP79op3WI6BsVvWzgAkHVbU= #=qNyb03JHCEp6eaJOWyiCqPg==, PropertyDescriptor #=qrWSj89ZYDzVXv3IOAKBXNA==)

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My fault

Thanks for your detailed bug report.
It was my fault, a debug code left behind...

I just released version 0.9.10, it should fix the issue you reported.
Please let me know...

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Version v.0.9.10 works well.

Version v.0.9.10 works well. Thank you !

A big request - do the coordinates in units (for example : 20u 193u 32u 32u)

Now, on monitors with different resolution, objects are created at random.

Posts: 1391
Joined: March 25, 2012 - 01:19
> Version v.0.9.10 works

> Version v.0.9.10 works well. Thank you !
Great, thanks for feedback.

As for the units coordinates, I'm already working on it.
I'll start a discussion into NSIS official thread about some behavioural questions I still have.

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Units in the script - it's

Units in the script - it's great! Thank you!

It would be good to make the values in the Properties/Location - also in units.


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