Good work (and some bugs)

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Good work (and some bugs)

Very nice application. Helps a lot for creating custom pages! 

I wished some text editing features, snippets, autocomplete or similar stuff and than it could be _the_ NSIS IDE.
All existing editors are not really good, also HM NIS is a very limited thing.

1) Foreground (text) color of radiobuttons has no effect. It's completely ignored. Maybe has nothing todo with the dialog designer?

2) Sometimes picking an element from the toolbox is not working. Must restart and than it works. 

0.9.14 running here.

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@devarni: thanks for your feedback.

Making NSISDialogDesigner a full IDE was one of my thought, but it requires a lot of work and now I'm not ready for it.
I was using a combination of HM NIS, Eclipse and Notepad++; NSISDialogDesigner was the missing tool for dialog design tasks they all miss (at least for nsDialog dialogs).

As for your questions:

  1. This is a known bug, see here:
    I thought to remove these properties from Button controls (Button, CheckBox, RadioButton), but it seems that removing XPStyle let the things work.
    I'll test it...
  2. Sorry, I can't reproduce it. I tried clicking everywhere, even in a nonsense sequence.
    Should be great to have an operations sequence that leads to the malfunction.
    I mean something like: create a dialog, pick a button, click twice on PropertyGrid, move the button, toolbox is freezed.
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I think you only need a text

I think you only need a text component (eventually there is something usable for .NET) to have a good editor.
Some snippet system (XML file with text and placeholders which can be easy parsed and replaced at runtime).
I think it's not hard to beat HM Nis because this editor has not many features and has only a mediocre text component without formatting, auto code or stuff.

Aah, yes, this seems to be a Windows bug since along time... I used a static label instead.
Will try it later with this drag & drop thing.
Eventually it's only under some rare circumstances.


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