NSIS not configured

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NSIS not configured

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I am new to this .. how I can do? for this option to preview the design of forms created with this program. Is there a way to virtualize a instlacion in NSIS?

Would help a lot if you publish tutorials on youtube or develop documentation chm, pdf, html, etc.

I will be alert to any answer, the truth NSIS Dialog Designer is a great software.

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Re: NSIS not configured pr not found

Dialog preview is done compiling a wrapper script around your dialog definition; it ensures that your dialog is compiled/rendered correctly by NSIS compiler.

That's why NSISDialogDesigner needs the NSIS compiler to run the preview.
Pressing OK on that message box will open the configuration options dialog.
Here you'll find an item named NSIS environment base path; it must be set to the base path of your NSIS environment (i.e. C:\Program Files\NSIS or C:\Program Files (x86)\NSIS)

As for the help/documentation/youtube... yes it could be great, but usually programmers hate writing documentation laugh and it requires a lot of time.
Maybe when NSISDialogDesigner reach a stable version.
Anyone ready to to help on this is welcome and I'll link his/her work on this page.

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Nice!!!!!m Thank you very much!!!!!

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