Error while try to run debug on Windows 8

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Error while try to run debug on Windows 8

Hello. I got some troubles with running test exe. When I click Debug button, I get message:

Error compiling NSIS script, error: 1
Do you want to open error log and test-compiled script?

The reason is in path of temporary directory, where program puts exe to. When I open test script, I see this line:

; The file to write
OutFile "C:\Users\Алексей\AppData\Local\Temp\NSISDialogDesigner\NSISDialogDesigner-test.exe"

Here we can see a problem with charset in username part of the path. Can you please fix it? Or maybe I can specify a folder for temporary exe manually?


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It seems there's something

It seems there's something wrong with your TEMP path setting (user's temporary path).
NSISDialogDesigner uses a .NET call to System.IO.Path.GetTempPath() to retrieve current user's temp path (see here for details).

Open a command prompt and type:
echo %TEMP%
and check if the resulting path is correct.

If not, please fix your temp folder into control panel, system settings.


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