Cyrillic paths (NSIS unicode)

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Cyrillic paths (NSIS unicode)

NSIS Dialog Designer doesn't support cyrillic folder paths! For example: C:\Папка

Could you fix it, please?

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I need further info about

I need further info about this issue:

  • Where are you inserting that path? In a specific control property or into NSD Dialog Designer settings?
  • Which kind of error/malfunction are you getting?
  • Are you using the Unicode version of NSIS?

Could you please send me a sample .nsddef test file throwing the error?

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It was because my windows

It was because my windows profile folder had cyrillic name. I have renamed this folder and all is ok now.

Here are links to files, that probably can help you: link 


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NSIS Unicode

From the log you linked I see you're using the ANSI version of NSIS, so no full support for Unicode paths.

Unicode version log starts like this:

MakeNSIS v2.46.5-Unicode - Copyright 1995-2009 Contributors
See the file COPYING for license details.
Credits can be found in the Users Manual.

Please try the Unicode version of NSIS (see here).

NOTE: if you're using any plugin, you must replace it with the unicode version.


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