Drop in replace GM Synth for WIN 10

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Drop in replace GM Synth for WIN 10

I've been away from music for quite awhile.  I'm a Lutheran pastor.  In the past, our midi files were processed through a soundcard and output for amplification.  New place, new needs.  Win 10 computer, product called Hymnsoft from Northwestern Publishing House is midi organ for services.  The player uses win midi which defaults to only Microsofts synth.  I have not found a way to add a different path to a different midi processor then output through the motherboard's sound outs into the church sound system.  Is the only way, perhaps, to run the midi now through an external device?  Lost guy here and trying to catch up / upgrade my knowledge.  Thanks.

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Re: Drop in replace GM Synth for WIN 10

Sadly I don't know that program, but after a quick lookup on HymnSoft website I see that they give instructions on how to send MIDI out to an external device (like a church organ).
So I suppose HymnSoft should have a configuration window in where you can select the output device; if yes, select "VirtualMIDISynth" in this window and the MIDI should be outputted through it.
Beware that this window could be hidden if you only have "Microsoft GM Synth" installed, so double check VirtualMIDISynth is correctly installed before proceed.
You could also try to play one of the MIDIs bundled with HymnSoft with Windows Media Player (just find those files and double click one of them).

Another thing that worths a try is set the default MIDI device for Windows Media Player; maybe HymnSoft will use it as well.
Open VirtualMIDISynth configurator (through Windows Start menu link), then switch to the MIDI Mapper tab and select "VirtualMIDISynth" in the Windows Media Player default device selector (the upper selector is disabled on Windows 10).
Now start HymnSoft again and check if it works.

No other ideas here and, since there's no trial version available, I can't test it on my side...

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Re: Drop in replace GM Synth for WIN 10

Thanks.  I tried those things.  So far, no luck.  I think everyone is catching up with Microsoft's OS 10 changes.  I requested that in the next release they allow the function of picking output, rather than using window 10's required default.  I do use Band in the Box for generating music at times, so I'll happily start to use VirtualMidiSynth there.  Thanks for the suggestions.



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