Can't set VirtualMIDISynth 1.2.0 as default device

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Anonymous user
Can't set VirtualMIDISynth 1.2.0 as default device

Every time I enable the VirtualMidiSynt in Windows XP, when I apply it returns to the ( Sound wave MS G), I can not define (CoolSoftVirtualMIDISynth) to make it permanent without having to keep changing all the time that I run a MIDI. Will would be able to uninstall the Sound Canvas Synthesizer Windows XP and make your final VirtualMIDISynth?

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I'll try to answer...

Well, it's really hard to understand your question but I'll try to.
Why you first mentioned Sound wave MS G (I suppose you meant the XP bundled MIDI Synth), then Sound Canvas Synthesizer?

Are you talking about changint the system default MIDI device? If yes, are you using VirtualMIDISynth configurator to set it?
On WinXP you can also try using the control panel | multimedia | devices and you'll find a dropdown box with all of the installed MIDI out devices. Try to select VirtualMIDISynth here and press OK, then check if this setting has been saved.

I don't know about your technical experience, don't follow the suggestion below if you're not sure.
Open Regedit and go to this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\MIDIMap
The value of key szPname entry on the right is current default device; what do you read there?

Anonymous user
Thanks!! I suck in English, I

Thanks!! I suck in English, I live in Brazil, and I'll explain in my language, maybe you will understand better.

A qualidade do seu sintetizador é exelente, funciona muito bem no Windows XP.

O problema é o seguinte: 

Toda vez que habilito o (CollSoftMIDISynth) na caixa de reprodução de música midi no Windows, quando você aplica e fecha a caixa a mesma retorna para o sintetizador original do windows xp sound canvas ( sons wave MS G) o mesmo acontece no seu configurador, não fixa. Toda vez que vou ouvir um midi ou karaoke, tenho qie voltar a habilitar novamente o seu sintetizador, gostaria de saber se tem como remover o ( sons wave MS G) definitivamente.

Muito Obrigado pela sua atenção!!