dbanklsb support

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dbanklsb support

Ability to have certain soundfont to be set on certain lsb

like having sc55.sf2 to lsb=1, sc88.sf2 to lsb=2, sc88pro.sf2 to lsb=3 and sc8820.sf2 to lsb=4 for example

and to have certain soundfont to be set on 0-126 lsb

xg.sf2 bank=0,127,128 lsb=0 bank=1 lsb=1, xg.sf2 bank=2 lsb=2, ... , xg.sf2 bank=126 lsb=126.

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Re: dbanklsb support

This feature is available in VirtualMIDISynth 2.x, actually in beta, that will be available soon.
In that version you can change the bank assignment for each configured SF.

Take a look here: http://coolsoft.altervista.org/forum/thread/389 and give your feedback there.


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