ComboBox and ListBox size cannot be set. List appears as small line

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ComboBox and ListBox size cannot be set. List appears as small line


I am using ver.1.4.2 - NSIS 3.0 final.

I added a combobox to the form. After adding some items to the collection the combo box appears as a small line and cannot be opened (see attachment). The size cannot be set by the NSISDialogDesigner to a larger value.

The code looks like this: 

${NSD_CreateComboBox} 107.95u 120u 204.71u 12.92u ""

After setting the bold value to 120.92u the combobox appears as expected (see attachment). But this must be done in the generated script manually.

${NSD_CreateComboBox} 107.95u 120u 204.71u 120.92u ""

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Re: ComboBox and ListBox size cannot be set. List appears as small line

Sorry, can't reproduce on my side.

I've created a simple dialog containing only a ComboBox with 2 lines, then built it with NSIS 3.0 final.
The following NSIS script is generated in %TEMP%\NSISDialogDesigner:

; The name of the installer
RequestExecutionLevel user
Name "NSISDialogDesigner-Test"
; General Symbol Definitions
!define COMPANY         "CoolSoft"
!define PRODUCT         "CoolSoft NSISDialogDesigner Test"
!define URL             ""
VIProductVersion ""
VIAddVersionKey ProductName "${PRODUCT}"
VIAddVersionKey ProductVersion ""
VIAddVersionKey CompanyName "${COMPANY}"
VIAddVersionKey CompanyWebsite "${URL}"
VIAddVersionKey FileVersion ""
VIAddVersionKey FileDescription ""
VIAddVersionKey LegalCopyright ""
; installer properties
XPStyle on
; The file to write
OutFile "NSISDialogDesigner-test.exe"
SetOverwrite on
; MUI Symbol Definitions
!include Sections.nsh
!include MUI2.nsh
!insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE English
; =========================================================
; dialog script begins here
; =========================================================
; =========================================================
; This file was generated by NSISDialogDesigner
; Do not edit it manually, use NSISDialogDesigner instead!
; =========================================================
; handle variables
Var hCtl_test
Var hCtl_test_ComboBox1
; dialog create function
Function fnc_test_Create
  ; === test (type: Dialog) ===
  nsDialogs::Create 1018
  Pop $hCtl_test
  ${If} $hCtl_test == error
  !insertmacro MUI_HEADER_TEXT "Dialog title..." "Dialog subtitle..."
  ; === ComboBox1 (type: ComboBox) ===
  ${NSD_CreateComboBox} 7.9u 7.38u 280.41u 12.92u ""
  Pop $hCtl_test_ComboBox1
  ${NSD_CB_AddString} $hCtl_test_ComboBox1 "line 1"
  ${NSD_CB_AddString} $hCtl_test_ComboBox1 "line 2"
; dialog show function
Function fnc_test_Show
  Call fnc_test_Create
; =========================================================
; dialog script ends here
; =========================================================
; show the dialog
!if "" == ""
  Page custom fnc_test_Show
  UninstPage custom fnc_test_Show
Section main
Function .onInit
!if "" != ""
  ; we're testing the uninstaller, so the installer only writes it and exits
  WriteUninstaller "%UNINSTALLER_FILENAME%"
Function un.onInit

The resulting .exe works perfectly on both Win7-x64 and Win10-x64, fully updated (see the attached screenshot).
The only way I have to show the issue is to remove all of the items from the Combo, but that's obviously not the case.


  • what's your OS version?
  • do you by any chance have some particular OS setting, like non standard DPI?
  • could you post your .nsddef file (removing any sensitive data and checking if it still have the issue)?
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