ASIO support?

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ASIO support?

Hi, I'm new here. I ran VMS with a 40 MB SoundFont in a netbook (Celeron N2806 dual core CPU, 4 GB RAM, Win10), and it ran flawlessly. Using Sibelius, it was great to replace awful "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" or so called, that came with Windows. Later, I tried it in my desktop (AMD Phenom II x4 965, 12 GB RAM, Terratec EWS88MT and an Audigy 2 ZS from Creative, Win10 Anniversary Update) Everything was fin until I synced VMS with VSTis in SONAR X3 (result was an appreciable latency) Adjusting VMS latency to near zero, things were "aligned", but I experienced stuttering playback; and setting latency to, say, 10 msec, MIDI data through VMS and SessionDrummer was out of sync. I ran VMS through Audigy driver, since ASIO was owning EWS88MT exclusively for the DAW.

Will be, in a future, ASIO support? Thanks for you awesome soft!

Best regards. Gustavo


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Re: ASIO support?

You didn't stated which version of VirtualMIDISynth you're using.
I suggest you to use the almost-ready VMS 2, see here.

Anyway ASIO is on its way, but it could be a long way.
ASIO requires a deep change in VMS architecture with a lot of work; and not so many users need it, sadly.

Again, if your EWS88MT card is owned exclusively by some other process, there could be no way for VMS to use it with ASIO too...

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Re: ASIO support?

Hi. Love VirtualMidiSynth.

Being a MIDI keyboard player on a budget, I have tried many different solutions throughout the years. VirtualMidiSynth is my favorit. Hasslefree support of sountfonts I create myself in Vienna.

As for my external soundcard though, I miss ASIO or WASAPI support. Would get rid of the last bit of latency and thus making VirtualMidiSynth one of the best solutions for live performance.

Would love to have it, and would even be prepared to take a plane from here (Denmark) and shake Your hand personally ;)


Thank You for a great program.



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