FalcoSoft Midiplayer

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FalcoSoft Midiplayer

I couple of weeks ago I discovered a new midi player. It is called FalcoSoft Midiplayer, it is freeware and its first version is from May 2016. Despite that is one of the most complete and feature packed midi players I know. It is in active development. You can use it to simply listen to midis, but if you are an advanced user, you can enjoy its extra features, including the possibility of directly hosting VST and VSTi. It is build around the bass libraries too, like VMS.
You can download it here: http://falcosoft.hu/softwares.html#midiplayer

I really like it, so I have decided to publicity it here. At Claudio: I think you could try it and if you like it, recommend it in your web.

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Re: FalcoSoft Midiplayer

Will have a look, thanks.

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Re: FalcoSoft Midiplayer

It seems that I was wrong and that Falcosoft midi player has been around much more than one year. One year old is the official thread of this midi player in the Vogons forums, but the midi player itself is at least 4 or 5 years old.
By the way, looking for information about this midi player I found a thread opened in this VMS forum 3 years ago.
Here: http://coolsoft.altervista.org/en/forum/thread/116

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Re: FalcoSoft Midiplayer


Yes, My Midi Player is much more than 1 year old. I started to develop it more than 10 years ago as a tool to load soundfonts automatically on my SB Live through sfman32.dll.

Only my Vogons account and 'FSMP' thread has a one year anniversary at Vogons. :)


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