[SOLVED] Missing info about instruments in MIDI mixer

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[SOLVED] Missing info about instruments in MIDI mixer

Hi. I don't know if this is a question, a bug report or a feature request.
I noticed something today about the information about instruments in the MIDI mixer.

With some MIDI files the instruments appear named as <···> or maybe <---> instead of the correct name.
At first I thought that the information in the MIDI file was missing, but then I noticed that the information about those instruments appears in the MIDI player.

Why is this happening? Could be the name of the instrument added to the MIDI mixer?

The soundfont I am using is Timbres Of Heaven.
In the attachments you can find a screenshot of VanBasco and MIDI mixer, and one of the MIDI files with this problem.

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Re: Missing info about instruments in MIDI mixer

There was a subtle bug in MIDI controllers 0 and 32 parsing (Bank change LSB/MSB) on XG MIDI streams that prevented showing the correct program names.
That was a really old bug (still present in VMS1 too) and sadly none of my MIDI test files shown it.

The fix will be included in next release (2.0.1 or 2.1, whichever comes first).

Thanks for reporting it and for the sample file too.