[SOLVED] Scrollbar turns transparent?

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[SOLVED] Scrollbar turns transparent?

Hi, so this is the second bug I've found in VMS2.

The scrollbar turns transparent when you hover over the area where you're not looking at. It's a bit weird and difficult to explain, but if you put your cursor anywhere else on the scrollbar except the actual bar itself (or just put it on the lighter bit instead of the darker bar) the bar disappears, leaving a window where you can interact with the application behind it.

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Re: Scrollbar turns transparent?

You're right, I've never noticed this behavior ;)

It only happens on Win10 because dark gray (the color used by scrollbar knob when the mouse goes over the lighter part of it) is the color used by double-buffering to avoid window flickering during resize/move operations.
When the knob becomes transparent the only way to make it appear again is exit from the scrollbar and get back in straight over the knob.

You'll find the fix in next version.
Thanks for reporting.

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Re: Scrollbar turns transparent?

It's definitely a strange thing at the scrollbar.
First opening, attachment: cs1


After: Defocus / focus, attachment: cs2



PS: From time to time it turns into the first opening, occasionally to the second. I could not figure out. The compiler may also have a bug.

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