Some issues and incompatibilities I've noticed- minor feedback

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Some issues and incompatibilities I've noticed- minor feedback

I've often encountered an issue where at nonspecific time, the program ceases to work in terms of picking up when a .MIDI file is played, and the program runs a 
.MIDI without soundfonts applied to it, and going to 'MIDI Mapper' does not let you change this back. 
Another issue is that the program may not start up with windows despite you specifying this at installation and checking it in 'options' when it is installed.
Reinstalling the program is the only thing that seems to fix this, anyone else encountered this?

Some programs may experience minor slowdown or rather quick delay using Coolsoft's VirtualMIDISynth, due to a pause before the soundfonts are applied-
in the event of a MIDI loop being incredibly short, this may present an issue in gameplay of a program that utilizes .MIDIs. It's been a Glaring issue when I've played the Games Elona and it's unnoficial Elona+ due to the short .MIDI length of the music played ingame

I've used this program with Windows Media Player, and Media Player Classic through the KCP-Codec Pack, and KCP and by extension, CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) run this program better.
If you use Foobar, you will not be able to use Coolsoft's VirtualMIDISynth, not even with the .MIDI extension, the program does not seem to pick it up for whatever reason


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