Can't get "Piano in 162" working?

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Can't get "Piano in 162" working?

Hi all.

I recently downloaded Piano in 162 and can't seem to get it working. (

Whenever I go to use it, VirtualMIDISynth freezes up before finally loading and showing 0MB for the file size.

It produces no sound in Synthesia whatsoever, unlike FluidR3 GM, which works perfectly.

Any idea how I can get this running?



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Re: Can't get "Piano in 162" working?

Maybe the SFZ is malformed or corrupted.

You could try to load the same soundfont in XMPlay+MIDI plugin (
It's a lightweight player from the same author of BASS libraries (the ones used by VirtualMIDISynth).
If it has the same issue we could forward the bug report to forum.

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Re: Can't get "Piano in 162" working?

I gave it a shot, but can't quite seem how to figure it out. I appreciate the reply, though!

Also, I'd forgotten to mention my goal.

I'm attempting to get my MIDI keyboard to use a soundfont within Synthesia.

My keyboard is fairly old and doesn't natively support soundfonts, so I was trying to figure out how to modify the output.

I started off following Synthesia's FAQ on better quality and ended up here.


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