.DLS files support on VirtualMIDISynth?

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.DLS files support on VirtualMIDISynth?


(sorry for the Google translator, my English is not yet advanced enough to write like this)

I wish there could be support for loading .DLS files, since the many soundfonts that are there are not the same or do not compare with Roland samples, and the SC-55 soundfonts do not help much personally, besides that the .DLS to .SF2 converters are not free for the most part and when there is a program capable, it does not convert as it should, I do not know if it is a good idea for you.

If the case is possible, while VirtualMIDISynth does not have a soundfont can load the system .DLS (gm.dls) and finally have accesses that Microsoft Synthesizer does not have (Reverb, Chorus, Pan) would also leave the limit of 22050Hz and with better rendering and response to notes. (Similar to what Fruity LSD does)

Thanks :)


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Deseo que se pueda haber un soporte para cargar archivos .DLS, ya que los muchos soundfonts que hay no son iguales o no se comparan con las muestras de Roland, y los soundfonts de SC-55 tampoco ayudan mucho personalmente, además que los convertidores de .DLS a .SF2 no son gratuitos en su mayoría y cuando hay un programa capaz, no lo convierte como debería, no sé si es buena idea para usted.

Si al caso se puede, mientras que VirtualMIDISynth no tenga un soundfont puede cargar el .DLS del sistema (gm.dls) y por fin tener accesos que Microsoft Synthesizer no tiene (Reverb, Chorus, Pan) tambien se dejaría el límite de 22050Hz  y con mejor renderización y respuesta a las notas. (Parecido a lo que hace Fruity LSD)

Gracias :)

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Re: .DLS files support on VirtualMIDISynth?

VirtualMIDISynth uses BASS library (http://un4seen.com) for the MIDI Synth tasks and SoundFont management.

.DLS files support has been requested several times on their support forum (http://www.un4seen.com/forum/?topic=13225.msg119383#msg119383, http://www.un4seen.com/forum/?topic=9301.msg64569;topicseen#msg64569, http://www.un4seen.com/forum/?topic=6849.0) but it was not considered interesting enough to be implemented.

Maybe you could try to post your +1 there ;)


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