Support for FluidSynth (better SoundFont 2.01 support)

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Support for FluidSynth (better SoundFont 2.01 support)

Hi! I'm a long time user of VirtualMidiSynth since I had to leave my Audigy out of my machine and so far the sound always has been really close but not exactly as the real deal. Today I stumbled upon this article: and I gave FluidSynth a try, the difference is overwhelming in some cases and not so much in others. I was wondering if it's too difficult to add multi-engine support, in order to be able to choose between BASSMidi and FluidSynth. :)

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Support for FluidSynth (better SoundFont 2.01 support)

FluidSynth is a great project that is growing so fast.

It's license is LGPL2 so it should be possible for VMS, which is free but closed-source, to use it.... BUT this will be a huge lot of work with a lot of uncertainties.
Again, keeping both synth engines (FS and BASS) together could only make it even worst.

It required a lot of time for me to "get used" to BASS, I can't really afford restarting again from the ground or so.
Sorry ;)


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