Seeming incompatibility of 2.1.0 with ChucK miniAudicle

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Seeming incompatibility of 2.1.0 with ChucK miniAudicle

I use Chuck miniAudicle as a music programming environment with VirtualMidiSynth 2.0.1 with no problems. Chuck manages MIDI ports to VirtualMidiSynth flawlessly. However, something changed in 2.1.0 and the ChucK system would crash sometimes when its MIDI ports were accessed. Recovery required rebooting Windows 7, the host.  Prior to reboot, I tried the application MIDI-OX and it worked fine with VirtualMidiSynth. The crash was restricted to the ChucK system.

 I have not found the  cause or pinned down the detailed scenario,  but when I went back to 2.0.1 the problem disappeared.  I am putting this out so anyone else using this combination of software will be alert to the problem and perhaps be able to find the cause.

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Re: Seeming incompatibility of 2.1.0 with ChucK miniAudicle

I don't know Chuck miniAudicle, is there a trial/demo available for download?

If yes, does the demo have the same issue?


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