Can't get pointer to shared memory, error#: 5.

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Can't get pointer to shared memory, error#: 5.

Why are there so many bugs with this software? ALL THE TIME. Randomly stops working after a few months usage forcing you to upgrade resulting in MORE ERRORS -.-"

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Re: Can't get pointer to shared memory, error#: 5.

I'd like to point out some thing, because I think we just got off on the wrong foot.

SharedMemoryFixMe wrote:
Why are there so many bugs with this software?
If this is not only FUD, please elaborate a bit on this...
Just had a look at the VMS Bug reports forum section and I can't see any long-standing open bug there.
Again, there are some things I'm actually working on (see the TODO list) bot none of them is a show stopper.

SharedMemoryFixMe wrote:
forcing you to upgrade
Updates are not "forced", but only "notified".
You're free to stay on your actual version if it feets your needs, or upgrade "for free" to the newer one.

SharedMemoryFixMe wrote:
resulting in MORE ERRORS -.-
Each version is meant to fix bugs and/or add new features. If the latter, new bugs could obviously be introduced.
This happens in each software and I don't think I'm better/worst than others on this.
Getting good and detailed bug reports is the only way to go for me to fix them.

Now, let's get back to the reported issue.
That error message is shown when driver or synth can't access the Shared Memory Area they use to communicate each other; error 5 means ACCESS_DENIED and it could happen for a lot of reasons, the most common are:

  • antivirus intercepting MapViewOfFile() or CreateFileMapping() system calls
  • driver and synth running as two different users (like VirtualMIDISynth.exe started as a service or your MIDI client application running as a different user than VirtualMIDISynth.exe)
  • running in low-memory condition

Please describe better your system, OS version, MIDI client name and any other useful info.
Also attach VMS debug report (Configurator | About | Debug report...).