My father died last week...

My father died last week at 75, after a hard fought battle with cancer.
He just started his new life as a grandfather, a few years ago.
Last month his disease worsened, and got worse day after day till May 25 when God called him.

He was a great car repairer, but this was only his "official" job.
His brain was always running, he spent his whole life creating a lot of things.
He was my (and a lot of other people's) inspirer, the person to ask for help or ideas.
When I had a problem, he had a fix; when I had a question, he always had the answer.

I'd like to remember three things he teached me (hope my English translation respects the Italian meaning):

  • a bad and a workmanlike job will both require almost the same time, but you'll only be satisfied with the latter
  • if you find a defect in what you're doing, spend 10 minutes to fix it now instead of spending 10 days to fix it later
  • people behave with you as you act with them, be kind and they'll be kind to you

He was not really an "internet man", but he was amazed at how this website could promote his child creations to such a lot of people; and he was proud of me. That's why I'm dedicating this post to him.

Thanks daddy for all that you taught me.

Your memory will last forever.



Very touching...

Ho letto il tuo post solo ora, mi spiace davvero per la tua perdita. Le mie sincere condoglianze.

Grazie mille... la vita continua ;)

I'm sorry for you. That's my age...

I just enter here to download VirtualMidiSynth, I am sorry about your dad, but I am glad you are a sincere human being. Good luck!

Thank you.

This post is a thanks to him for all the things he taught to me.


Sorry to know that, Coolsoft. I visited this site after almost 2-3 years.
All three of his teachings are good, and I can understand your loss.
My own dad is 81 now, and I really need to improve my relations with him.

Very touching post.

Thanks for your post.

From that day on the motto of my life is: "if you wanna (or have to) do something, don't wait and do it now".

Sorry for the lost of your father my condolences

I am very sorry for the loss of your father. 

I believe that we should all consider life to be more important. It's not something that's just there, and if you're not careful, it can slip through your fingers...

Thanks for your kind words.

I can't imagen the feellings of loosing a parent, but I know it will happen, unless I go first which is known to be even worse than the former.  I hope time has eased the magnitude of the gravity of your loss, thanks for sharing, we are all in this thing together.


thanks for the site offerings here.

Thanks for yor words.


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