It sounds good, but...

Anonymous user
It sounds good, but...

Dear Sirs,

thank a lot for development and FREE distribution of your VirtualMidiSynth.

It sounds very very good, but I have found some "imprecise" timing when playing MIDI files with one big SoundFont like Fluid_R3 (I'm a WinLive Pro 5.0 user and 95% of my database was built using M-Live MIDI files) using my laptop FSC Amilo Pro V8010 (P4 1733Mhz - 2GB RAM - 250GB HDD - WinXp Pro with "high performances" - no frills - settings). In particular, it seems to be "lame" (i.e.) when playing a guitar strumming inside the MIDI file, or when the song structure is complex (e.g.with several tracks of pads, etc.).

Using the same HW and the same playing SW with other different virtual sound module (e.g. using Roland or Yamaha engines) feels good (NO "lame" phenomena).

I tried using the same SF (Fluid_R3) with another player (SyFonOne), and the "laming" is pratically nonexistent (but the sounds are poor...); this is valid if i set up the SW for "STATIC MEMORY ALLOCATION" (= reserving ALL the necessing RAM pre-loading the SF).

I'm not a programmer, but I suppose that the "laming" may be caused by DYNAMIC MEMORY ALLOCATION.

Then, if possible, I suggest (for a future release) to implement a flag that leave the user select for STATIC MEMORY ALLOCATION (=fixed by SF size, preloaded) or DYNAMIC (variable, "on demand", RAM size). I don't know if this may be a good idea, but that's all...

Thank you very much.




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