equivalent of PDF Property Extension for .msg files (Outlook)

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equivalent of PDF Property Extension for .msg files (Outlook)


Would be nice to have the same technology as PDF Property Extension for   .MSG Properties from Outlook (not displayed in Explorer).

Any developoment in the future ?


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Re: equivalent of PDF Property Extension for .msg files (Outlook)

Hi there, PDFPropertyExtension is specialized in PDF parsing (as its name implies), so it will never manage .msg files.

Applying the same "technology" to .msg files could surely be done BUT it will require a lot of work:

  • retrieve documentation about Outlook .msg files
  • find an already existing (and usable) .msg parser and use it to extract informations
  • put all of these things together and test'em out

Actually I don't have any Outlook knowledge, so I should start fron scratch and this will increase needed time.
I can't manage this task in my spare time (for free) and I doubt someone can/want sponsor it...


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