Avid Sibelius can't see the MIDI device

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Avid Sibelius can't see the MIDI device


I installed your VirtualMidiSynth software and it is superb.
The only problem I have is that I cannot select it inside Avid's Sibelius.
VirtualMidiSynth appears grayed out in the list of available devices.

Any ideas? :)

Thanks again for a great piece of software.

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Beta version

Other users experienced a similar issue with other DAWs.
I suppose this is a "limitation" of client software (Sibelius), which requires the device to be a SYNTH and not a generic MIDI Output port.
I saw this very same issue on Reaver.

New version will change the way VirtualMIDISynth show itself into the system, from the actual MOD_MIDIPORT to MOD_SWSYNTH, like MS bundled synth does.
I've sent you the 1.5.0-beta1 version, please let me know if it solves the issue.

If not, please let me know if Sibelius has a demo/trial version to test.

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Sibelius playback

Thank you for the fast response, wow!
Unfortunately I installed the new version you sent me and it made no difference. The VirtualMIDISynth still shows up grayed out in the list.

Apparently there is a demo version of Sibelius offered by AVID:

Let me know how else I can help.

Thank you very much once more!

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Will download the trial

I found the Sibelius trial, version 7.1.2.
I'm downloading it right now (it's a huge download of about 512MB!).

I'll take a look at it ASAP.

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Fixed, but VMS is not the culprit

After a lot of work, nothing interesting came out of my testing.

The I tried to find if someone have the same issue with other MIDI devices and I found this post on Sibelius forum:

Since the link could die, I'll copy here an excerpt of the original answer from Sibeluis user Robin Walker:

It sounds as if this is a "Configurations" issue in "Playback Devices".
The Playback Configurations that ship with Sibelius are read-only and cannot be changed (for instance, by the addition of your MIDI device).

To use a MIDI device as output, you need to CREATE a new "Configuration".
Then, with that new Configuration selected, your MIDI output device will no longer be greyed out in the left-hand column, and you can move it over into the right-hand column.

Can't find a reason for this choice, but that's another story.
Tested on trial version and it worked perfectly, please confirm if it works for you too.

PS: VirtualMIDISynth is innocent ;)

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Thank you


Thank you very much again. I swear I have been looking for a solution on the internet forums for a while now and never found the post you found. It WORKS!

I have to apologize since this falls on me.

And I am glad you posted the conversation so that other users are aware of the potential pitfall.

Thank you again, I will make sure to spread the word.

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Re: Thank you

Could you please explain to me the "new configuration" means? Is that the setting on the sibelius software or windows playback device setup?

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Re: Thank you

Sorry, I can't remember how I did it... this thread is 5 years old (2012!)...


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