Weird stuttering issue with VMS?

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Weird stuttering issue with VMS?

So, I've been using VMS for a long time now for playing MIDI in Doom source ports, and I've recently run into a strange issue where after a while of use, VMS will start stuttering and won't stop (i.e. whatever notes were supposed to play will play multiple times instead of the song advancing). I haven't updated VMS (been on the latest version before this issue started to occur), and I've tried reinstalling it to see if it helped. I'm using Arachno Soundfont (full debug log is attached). Any help would be massively appreciated.

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Re: Weird stuttering issue with VMS?

Your debug log shows nothing weird, you have planty of RAM and (I suppose, based on RAM size) an adequate CPU.

So you had 2.1 working well, then it started stuttering out of the blue?
That's really strange...

Something should have happened in the middle... some thoughts:

  • Windows updates
  • Drivers updates
  • Antivirus/antimalware changed
  • CPU usage increased by something running in the background

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