Aardvark Firefox Addin for Firefox 9 (and previous)

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31 Jan 2012 UPDATE

This version is outdated and not available anymore.
See here for the latest version.

As a long time Aardwark user, now that Firefox 9 is out I'm still missing an official version that works with it.

Well, the original Aardvark 3.0 works perfectly in latest Firefox version, but it can't be installed because its manifest (a file inside the addin that says FF which versions that addin is compatible with) reports FF 3.6.* as max version.
Editing this info is not so difficult, but some inexperienced users can't do it.

Here you are, you can download an already patched version Aardvark, working on Firefox 3.0 --> 9.0.
The only change I made, as said, is to allow it to be installed in Firefox versions to 9.0 (included) and nothing else.

NOTE: addon should install automatically when clicking the link above.
If it doesn't:

  • Download the .xpi file to a local folder on your computer
  • Open Firefox, click on the top-left orange Firefox button, then choose add-ons
  • Click on the button next to the up-right search box (with a gear image)
  • Choose install addon from file and select the previously downloaded .xpi file