Is it possible to record the MIDI Data output?

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Is it possible to record the MIDI Data output?

I been on websites such as to look for nice scores.

At the same time, I am also using Sythesia software and coolsoft as the MIDI synth.

But the issue is that the websites do not provide a midi file to download, meanwhile, everytime, the music goes, I notice that the coolsoft logo appears in the bottom right of my screen where it is active and if I go into that MIDI mixer, I can see that coolsoft is actually playing the midi data.

So is just wondering if there is a way of recording those midi output data as .mid file so I can use it in Synthesia.

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Re: Is it possible to record the MIDI Data output?

Recording MIDI data coming to MIDI-IN won't give you a MIDI file.
Timing data are not must sent through MIDI, but only used by the player to send out events at the given time.
Rebuilt these informations from the incoming stream is not easy at all.

You should investigate on "who" is playing the MIDI coming from that website.
I suppose you have Quicktime plugin installed, or something similar.
Have a look at your temporary folder where the browser should store the MIDI file being played...