Mod Envelope Causing Crackles?

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Mod Envelope Causing Crackles?


Lately I've been freaking out because I was hearing crackles and I though my (relatively expensive) headphones were breaking

But now I'm REALLY glad to know that the problem it's on BASS's part which means my earphones aren't broken :D

Well let's talk about the problem, BASS seems make a crackle after a played sample reachs certain time (in this case when 85ms have passed since it started playing), those are the "Crackles" I've been hearing (and no, increasing buffer to a whole second doesn't fix it, I've tried all the other options as well)

In some samples it's really noticeable meanwhile in others it's not/maybe it's not even there at all

I've compared a recording of the same sample both played on BASS and on Polyphone (soundfont editor) and the BASS one sounds broken, with the OPL-3_FM_128M soundfont and the instrument 10 (music box) when playing C5 or higher (E5 it's especially noticeable)

This is a recording of C5:

As you can see both the BASS and the polyphone sample look pretty similar

But if you invert the wave of either and you play them at the exact time you get the "MIX", when using this technique basically removes the parts that are exactly the same so the mix it's how the parts that aren't the same in the samples sound

As you can see in the "MIX" (the one under it's the same but normalized) something changed when 48ms happened, that it's probably the crackle, polyphone doesn't make such cracke, that's why there is such a abrup volume change

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Re: Mod Envelope Causing Crackles?

Thinking the crackle issue was because in some version something changed that made crackles appear I reinstalled and tried most beta versions (edit: BASS version didn't change on VMS on these versions afaik so that's why), but no luck, even the older current stable versions make crackles which means:

a) I've always had crackles but I just noticed it they are there (But I don't think so)

b) Maybe something unrelated to BASS? maybe windows updated the sound drivers and made some stuff crackly? the recording still sounds crackly

c) Broken headset (probably not because I've tried my old headset and my phone's speaker and I still hear the crackles)

d) Or simply there's something wrong with how BASS handles samples

This crackle issue doesn't happens with all samples/instruments it just happens in some samples/instruments, volume doesn't affect the crackles

I've got a different midi player (samplelord) and just using the same soundfont and same instrument removes the crackles, both are playing the same midi:

Upper recording is BASS (crackles are also present when using the midi file converter) and Lower samplelord

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Re: Mod Envelope Causing Crackles?

Finally I've found out what's causing the crackles, it's a setting inside the soundfont on a specific instrument that when it isn't in blank causes the crackles

Either BASS it's applying this setting correctly and the soundfont it's just badly set up or it's BASS' fault for applying these settings incorrectly or simply using these settings cause unexpected/unwanted crackles

See that "Mod env -> filter (c)" setting? If I erase those and I load the soundfont on BASS the crackles completely disappear, so the crackles are generated by mod env settings

Also see how the Mod env delay (s) it's set at 50ms? it the same amount of time to where the change happened on the sample in my first post about this, so this is related, erasing that value doesn't remove the crackles though

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Re: Mod Envelope Causing Crackles?

I've seen you've started a thread on Un4seen forum, reporting here for reference: