VirtualMidiSynth soundfont configuration

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VirtualMidiSynth soundfont configuration

I want to play my floppy disks (made on Korgi30) on my PC 8.1 and then convert to mp3.
I have no luck. Have already several times VirtualMidiSynth loaded and deleted again because it did not work. Certainly my fault. In Media Player, the song runs but without sound. I need a sf2 file (I think). I do not know how to do it. Please, can someone give me a guide? I would like to 'save' my music from Korg keyboard (old) on the PC.
Many Thanks!



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Re: VirtualMidiSynth soundfont configuration

VirtualMIDISynth needs at least one *.sf2 file configured to be able to generate any sound.

You can find a list of working SF2 files under Soundfonts section on VirtualMIDISynth page.
Sadly most of them are available in compressed form, because of their size.

My preferred one is FluidR3_GM, and you can only find it compressed with sfArk: you need to install sfArk decompressor, decompress the file to .sf2 then use it in VirtualMIDISynth.

WeedsGM3 is available compressed as .ZIP, so you can surely be able to extract and use it.

Finally I suggest you this page with a tutorial on how to configure VirtualMIDISynth:
It refers to previous 1.x version, but still valid for 2.x.

On the same page (at the bottom) you'll find the "Timbres Of Heaven" soundfont by Don Allen.
That's a great soundfont and it's available in a 7-zip compressed archive (.7z is a much "more efficient version" of .zip).
To extract it you need to install 7-Zip (which is a free great (de)compressor for 7z, zip, rar, tar.gz, ... archives) or any other decompression program able to open .7z files.