Virtual Midi Synth Goes Mute...

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Virtual Midi Synth Goes Mute...

I am using Cakewalk by Bandlab (It's free!).

I have a few tracks playing through Virtual Midi Synth and it's working.

When I add a soft-synth (Cakewalk TTS-1) to the project, the tracks assigned to Virtual Midi Synth go silent.  Just the act of adding the soft-synth and nothing else triggers the problem.  The soft-synth does work.

The reason I'm reporting it here, and not at the Cakewalk site, is that after I close Cakewalk and try to play Midi from a different application....Virtual Midi Synth is still silent.

I have to exit Virtual Midi Synth and restart it before it plays again.

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Re: Virtual Midi Synth Goes Mute...

Something to check...

When you say "VirtualMIDISynth is mute" do you mean it receives MIDI data but no audio is rendered, or no MIDI data is received by VMS at all? Please open VMS MIDI mixer and chech if something blinks on any channel. Also check in About tab of VMS configurator if MIDI client is really connected.

After you close Cakewalk and start another client, does it appear in connected clients list (About tab above)?

What about volumes? I mean VMS MIDI mixer volumes, Windows master volume and Windows volume associated to VMS process (open the full Windows audio mixer).

Last, check which analog audio output device is set both in Cakewalk and VMS; try to select a specific one instead of .