The Soundfont thread

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Joined: January 1, 2020 - 19:42
Re: The Soundfont thread

This is my soundfont. Is fully GM, GS and MT-32 compatible. Is based on the SC-55's sounding. I made it using the Creative 4MB soundfont as basis, i replaced the electric guitar sounds with the Fluid R3 GM guitars, i added more GS voices from the Scc1t2 and some i made them myself and it has new drum sounds based on the SC-55. Happy new year! :)

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Re: The Soundfont thread
tb1024 wrote:

Many people come here to share their soundfont experiments, so I decided to make an topic where you can post and update your soundfont(s) without having to make a thread just for it.

It's very simple, just post here your soundfont's link and some information about it and I'll place a link to your post here. Please keep a single post for link and info and post again only for things such as "New version 1.2 released! Changes: new drum kit "Hip-Hop"...", and keep your info & link post updated via editing. This will keep the thread more organized and I'll update this post only for new soundfonts.

Happy SoundFonting and MIDI-playing!

I'm so happy to hear that and thank you for opening the great opportunity.. ❤❤❤

So here I am. This is my fully loaded Soundfont which made for the first time in Sri Lanka in last year and still being updating all time. The ColomboGMGS2 Soundfont is capable on GM and XG Drumkits including premire SFX, Ethnic Percussion and Also an Industrial SFX Kit. Almost all of the instruments are adapted by the most Brilliant Synthesizers, Sound Modules and also from Real instruments.

(And also, put your hands together for the Reborn... GS WAVETABLE!)

You can follow me on YouTube, Facebook and also on SoundCloud for more details.

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