Can't get virtual midi/midi mapper working

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Joined: May 6, 2020 - 10:36
Can't get virtual midi/midi mapper working

I have audio workstation that was just upgraded from XP to windows 10 x64 but can't figure out how to set up midi mapper.

I have a built in synthe keyboard that was running under Microsoft GS Wavetable synth when it was Windows XP but of coarse its not on my new O.S.
I've researched a lot and downloaded CoolSoft MIDIMapper and Virtual MIDI Synth as I've read it was probably the best substitue but i cant get my midi hardware or control panel working.

Could someone please help me correctly set MidiMapper so I can disconnect this lil weak usb keyboard mini!!! Lol.

I have all the original controller and Midi maps so I know I should be at least close.
If someone could even bluetooth in and just do it for me i'de be willing to pay for it.

Please help me get my studio all the way back up n runnin........

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Re: Can't get virtual midi/midi mapper working

WinXP MIDIMapper (as like as CoolSoft MIDIMapper) drive a MIDI-Out port (ie. from a MIDI player software) to the desired MIDI-Out device.
It's not related to MIDI-In devices like your external MIDI keyboard.

Noise Da Don wrote:
I have a built in synthe keyboard that was running under Microsoft GS Wavetable synth
There should have been some software in between the keyboard MIDI-In device and Microsoft GS Wavetable MIDI-Out device; maybe it could have been the keyboard driver itself, which should be available in Win10.

If not, I suggest you to have a look to MIDI-OX, the swiss knife MIDI tool for Windows.
With MidiOX you can easily connect your MIDI keyboard to any MIDI-Out device, like Microsoft GS Wavetable or CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth, and even patch your MIDI stream on the fly.

You can find a lot of tutorials and documentation on the web or straight on MIDI-OX forum.