Assign SFZ soundfonts as drumkits

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Re: Assign SFZ soundfonts as drumkits
falcosoft wrote:

You should try what I have written above. Your method of 128 + 15 will not work. Bank offsets above 128 results in further banks in Drum channel. So your example Bank offset 128 + 15 will results in that your Drum instrument will be available at Bank 15 at Drum channel 10.

This works :


to sum up :

bank=0 for melodic, bank=128 for drums and preset is patch/program number.

VMS UI should be updated to allow entering bank values > 127 but this can be achieved by using an import file.

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Re: Assign SFZ soundfonts as drumkits

Fixed bank offset, now accepts -127...255.
You'll find the fix in next release.