MIDIMapper issues after Win10 update

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MIDIMapper issues after Win10 update

I updated my Windows 10 installation to the latest version last week, and since then, I have had issues with midimapper.

Every time I boot into Windows no, I get an error message telling me that I have to repair and restart MidiMapper.
When I do that, I am told that Windows cannot find MidiMapper!

A reinstallation of the program did nothing to help.

Any ideas?

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Re: MIDIMapper issues after Win10 update

There's a thread already open for VirtualMIDISynth on the same issue:

I'm still investigating on the bug, but I've posted a quick and partial workaround there to be used till a fix will be available...

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windows requires midimapper reinstallation at every start / restart

here is the error message when opening the midimapper configurator when windows starts

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