[severe bug] error with 2.11 on Touhou 06

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[severe bug] error with 2.11 on Touhou 06

When I play Remilia's theme on Touhou 06 the embodiment of Scarlet Devil, pitch bend got out of track and corrupted the entire midi sound. The attachment is a recording as a proof (recently I tried uploading from to 2.11 because will always ask for a self-registry manually after PC restart (I'm now, because of windows update, have to use 20H2, and in 20H2 will need to manually self-fix after every restart)

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th06 2021-05-04 11-53-46-557.7z
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Re: [severe bug] error with 2.11 on Touhou 06

This problem is most likely related to vibrato problem of latest version Bassmidi and not pitch bend.

There is already a bug report about this problem:



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Re: [severe bug] error with 2.11 on Touhou 06

Thanks @falcosoft, let's continue on the existing thread.