Error executing proxyx86

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Error executing proxyx86

So today when I turned on my computer, I got the message "Error executing proxyx86: Error executing command "GetMIDIDevices " through x86 proxy: Process must exit before requesting information can be determined. Closing out this error gives me an Unhandled exception error. Forcing MIDIMapper to run anyway results in a blank list of MIDI devices. Closing and reopening MIDIMapper gives the correct results.

Does anybody know why this might've happened?

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Re: Error executing proxyx86

Thanks for reporting it.

Proxy86 is an x86 executable used on x64 systems to retrieve configured MIDI devices names.
It is run at MIDIMapper start to populate the available devices list.

Maybe you've started it when system was too busy to let it complete within the allowed time (5 seconds), which I suspect is too short 😉.

I've increased it up to 15s and added a better algorithm in case it timeouts again (no crash anymore...).

Just released version 2.0.3 with those fixes.