How does stacking soundfonts behave?

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Joined: April 19, 2017 - 18:14
How does stacking soundfonts behave?

I was under the assumption that if you had two soundfonts installed, the second takes precedence over the first.  This seems to be the case generally, but I have experienced the following:

Soundfont 1:ColomboGMGS2 has EuroHit on Bank 3, #55

Soundfont 2:TimbresOfHeaven has a few instruments in Bank 3, but nothing in Bank 3 #55.

ColomboGMGS2 loads first, TimbresOfHeaven loads second.

I have a bunch of songs that use EuroHit, but EuroHit is never used if TimbresOfHeaven is loaded second, and defaults to OrchestraHit because TimbresOfHeaven does not have EuroHit.

Is this a glitch?  I would assume that if the first soundfont loaded has an instrument, and the second does not have that same instrument, that this would not remove the sound from the first one?

Posts: 8
Joined: April 19, 2017 - 18:14
Re: How does stacking soundfonts behave?

Never mind, I figured out what the issue is.

The files are currently GM files.  It appears EuroHit is accessible in GS mode.  I'll need to modify the files to contain a GS reset.

When I hit the "Reset GS" button in Winamp, I was able to hear the correct EuroHit being played.

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Re: How does stacking soundfonts behave?

Nevermind 👍