⭐ Help needed in VirtualMIDISynth translation ⭐

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⭐ Help needed in VirtualMIDISynth translation ⭐

Some VirtualMIDISynth languages seems to be abandoned, not updated by more than 1 year.

Click here to check VirtualMIDISynth translation status.

6 languages are below 80% of translated content, so they aren't included in official releases...

If you can read English and your native language is one of the one listed above (or it's not even listed at all...), please get in contact with me and join the VMS translators group.
You'll be given translation permission, so you could access a dedicated section on this website and translate VMS in your language.
The work can be done completely online, no tools required, and it won't require so much time.

Help me make VMS as much multilingual as possible!