Override BPM in VirtualMIDISynth MIDI Converter

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Joined: November 18, 2021 - 14:25
Override BPM in VirtualMIDISynth MIDI Converter

Hi. I have been using VirtualMIDISynth MIDI Converter recently and I was able to get some good results with it. However, there are some songs which are better with a different BPM (some times a higher one, other times a lower one) and I would like to have an option on the MIDI Converter to override the song's BPM. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Override BPM in VirtualMIDISynth MIDI Converter

Hi there, I appreciate and understand your suggestion... but that's something I think fits much more in a MIDI editor than a MIDI synthesizer/converter 😉.
Opening up to MIDI editing could lead to a huge lot of new features that lead the MIDI Converter to be much more complicated to users (and scare them).

The only "MIDI patching" features I've added to MIDI Converter till now are really widespread: key and volumes change.
Most of the users need to remove the vocal leading track (usually track #4) or raise/lower song key...
I've added no other features because I'd like it to be lean and performant.