Can VirtualMIDISynth handle keygroups?

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Re: Can VirtualMIDISynth can't handle keygroups on GM Mode?

After the latest Update from Ian Luck there is one thing i wish to have in VMS.

BASSMIDI 2.4.14 released
Adds asynchronous processing of live events for greater timing resolution, improved reverb effect, MIDI port meta-event support (for more than 16 channels), channel-specific soundfont configuration, support for SF3 soundfonts, support for more SF2 modulators, support for master tuning, version retrieval, and a few other things.

Is this the option i had to test on midiplayer from Falco? The keygroup thing for better playback on GM midis i mean.

An Option for "enable" should be nice. At the Moment i can only use this feature on midi player. its an X86 dll that can't used in VMS. now after the latest release it would be nice to have an option for that. greetings