New bug since 1.6.0 update

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Joined: October 19, 2022 - 15:08
New bug since 1.6.0 update


I use bitmaps and it works fine on 1.5.0 version.

Since 1.6.0 version, I have this error :

How correct this please ?


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CoolSoft NSIS Dialog Designer - (ver. 1.6.0).png
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Re: New bug since 1.6.0 update

If you press CTRL+C while that error MessageBox is shown you should be able to copy its content.

If so, then paste it here so I can get back to the exact source line causing the error.

Also... could you please attach the dialog definition file that's causing this error?
(please remove any other control and sensitive data from your definition file...)

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Joined: October 19, 2022 - 15:08
Re: New bug since 1.6.0 update

Hi coolsoft,

I specify that I use relative path to bmp files before your new version, but the image is not displayed in NSIS DD, but is okay at runtime execution.
It's because the path is relative to my NSIS program and not to NSIS DD...

I specify that I have exception (with an other dialog box) when launch the project file, but the previous submitted error is when I click on the new "Relative filename..." button of a bitmap control.

1) Error when the program launch the project file :

Runtime error: 
Error setting property: ImageFilename
To value: .\assets\icons\bmp\xxxx.bmp
Object type: Bitmap
Property data type: String
Error: System.InvalidCastException
Message: Unable to cast object of type 'NSISDialogDesigner.NSIS.Controls.GroupBox' to type 'NSISDialogDesigner.NSIS.Controls.Dialog'.
Stack trace: 
   at System.ComponentModel.ReflectPropertyDescriptor.SetValue(Object component, Object value)
   at #=qjtlgENSHYaRZotz5L73f25PrZq$WLqnSeqz$cfxlSwpCPrXp5bye5$DpIf3PccP5ph_drK9FfAxkY$GMV7YFnw==.SetValue(Object #=qhL$zsOBUJvDildFMGi3L3g==, Object #=q0VYvNvCszCWQi9eT7GbHuA==)
   at #=q5LK1AjCj32ra$UdZBtXlU7fppdYTbCYxhArjnV1ayTeYg5GY4hydG5fdCmYXPXEZ.#=qk_EM5qpb$aeqfCswy5jdZOy6W_zwHrrjxyKKJdTJyd8=(PropertyDescriptor #=qpJZqtsGzvRMa5GiAc9nYdA==, Object #=qCLcfxsavErxdPsIruufd6g==, String #=qImMAA45OT6JsfXOEDUXJkA==)

2) Error when click on the new "Relative filename..." button :

System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'NSISDialogDesigner.NSIS.Controls.GroupBox' to type 'NSISDialogDesigner.NSIS.Controls.Dialog'.
   at NSISDialogDesigner.NSIS.Controls.Bitmap.#=qO4kBoQ2j4QeZN1wYObLn$w==()
   at NSISDialogDesigner.NSIS.Controls.Bitmap.#=qyGhVZyE58_cudyOQLbmyxCDFptndLHGOMKOAeCzKTo4=()
   at #=qP1MQLm3xoy43z41z$a1MIywlEm5eWl3Coc1YU0PVadOyHNXbDV7Ie1J_BBew7po62VWh8foJFzTY$aSYMTJGew==.#=qGtGhpq$6WMNQIpYbo65Qrv3BWBW97WyUDuJLZeeJe_o=(ITypeDescriptorContext #=q5h62mbWtQRiPu6Ksz8bujg==, Object #=qpA4l6cqovrhxr$PHJClHkw==)
   at #=qP1MQLm3xoy43z41z$a1MIywlEm5eWl3Coc1YU0PVadOyHNXbDV7Ie1J_BBew7po62VWh8foJFzTY$aSYMTJGew==.EditValue(ITypeDescriptorContext #=qrmZqioXQfZ_MMN3PJ0j7rA==, IServiceProvider #=qT3xZutlKXtSL6yjvWgditg==, Object #=qzagUGQZJxLBbi_n2XZxYkQ==)

3) Minimal project file content (with first < char removed on each line to display on your forum):

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Dialog Name="quickstart" Title="$(DesignTitleInstall)" Subtitle="$(DesignSubtitleInstall)" GenerateShowFunction="False">
  GroupBox Name="GroupBox1" Location="12, 57" Size="131, 48" TabIndex="0">
    Bitmap Name="Bitmap1" Location="6, 10" Size="32, 32" ImageFilename=".\assets\icons\bmp\xxxx.bmp" Stretched="True" TabIndex="0" onClick="ipcpass5_icon_click" />

4) Generated NSIS inc file (without comments):

Var hCtl_quickstart
Var hCtl_quickstart_GroupBox1
Var hCtl_quickstart_Bitmap1
Var hCtl_quickstart_Bitmap1_hImage

Function fnc_quickstart_Create
  nsDialogs::Create 1018
  Pop $hCtl_quickstart
  ${If} $hCtl_quickstart == error
  !insertmacro MUI_HEADER_TEXT "$(DesignTitleInstall)" "$(DesignSubtitleInstall)"
  ${NSD_CreateGroupBox} 8u 35u 86u 30u ""
  Pop $hCtl_quickstart_GroupBox1
  ${NSD_CreateBitmap} 12u 41u 21u 20u ""
  Pop $hCtl_quickstart_Bitmap1
  ${NSD_OnClick} $hCtl_quickstart_Bitmap1 ipcpass5_icon_click
  File "/oname=$PLUGINSDIR\xxxx.bmp" ".\assets\icons\bmp\xxxx.bmp"
  ${NSD_SetStretchedImage} $hCtl_quickstart_Bitmap1 "$PLUGINSDIR\xxxx.bmp" $hCtl_quickstart_Bitmap1_hImage


Posts: 1968
Joined: March 25, 2012 - 01:19
Re: New bug since 1.6.0 update

Thanks for your detailed bug report.

Thanks to it I was able to reproduce the bug on my side and fix it.

I'd like you to check it out before publishing version 1.6.1.
Please extract the attached ZIP file that contains the fixed NSISDialogDesigner.exe binary and replace your installed one.

Let me know if it fixes the bug on your side too, so I'll release a full 1.6.1 setup.

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